Funny thing this blogging!

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2011 at 21:03

Enter the new man at this game.  Have set this blog (my first ever) to record a chain of events and support my `Global strategy & change` assignment.  This should not be boring or mundane stuff,  it needs to be relevant and interesting and develop shared learning and shared failure!!

I intend to enjoy this new life and you can help me. Remember – the shortest distance between two people is a smile 🙂  Let’s cut the crap and launch this mother…


  1. The long & winding road……as the Beatles once said… didn’t realise they were talking about setting up your first blog!!! Oh well, you live & learn & soon you will have learnt how to blog (or not as it might be)….
    M : )

  2. Thanks chuck. I shall also get home earlier as part of my global awareness campaign.

    TTFN – Globalagogogo…

  3. I think that will be a hell of a lot more difficult for you to do than setting this blog up……don’t you?????? M : )

  4. Well maybe it will but I’m a tryer – no, I’m a doer god damn it. Just seen that there is an increase in sales of pens & paper (the paper bit being obvious if sales of pens are up!). I look foreard to the global increase in snail mail…eventually.

    Am sure Zuckerberg is shitting it…

  5. I’ve just discovered that if you scramble the ‘word’ globalagogogo, you can spell agogogoglobal. You truly are a genius mate!

  6. agogogo-global was a simple enough name to come up with, it was identifying the ‘stars’ to send it to which took the 5 mins! Takes a genius to spot a genious…sometimes. So well done for that my good man. Now, back to the real tennis at Wimbledon.

    TTFN – Globalagogogo…

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