Funny thing…

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Day 2. Am struggling to understand the debt crisis of the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain) and how they can ever expect to clear the burden by measures they are currently taking – See recent articles on this issue in Al Jazeera. 

Just tried to attach a copy and failed!  Not a great start to my new career however, ” if at first….”

I shall try try again at a later date when my red face has gone back to its normal shade of `moon bather` (thanks Jake for that!!).

TTFN – Globalagogogo


  1. How come Jake gets a mention & I don’t?????? I call you a lot of things & I don’t get any credit……. M : )

  2. And here’s me thinking you ignored everything I say….nice to know one of my nicknames has stuck. I will go and get a few more off the toilet wall and post them later….

  3. You and toilets! – Again!!

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