Happy Father’s Day?

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Well, that depends where you are in the world, and your attitude toward things such as ‘can moral judgement be true or false?’ !

As I sit, “alone again – naturally” (ripped off from Gilbert O’Sullivan, but also used by Colin Firth as he sits looking out of his French windows in “Love Actually” – oh dear) in an office on an industrial unit in Sheffield on this Father’s Day morning, I wonder what other father’s are thinking and doing.   And therefore, I assume that depends on where you are in the world and what is currently affecting them and their families, so of which may be out side their direct sphere of influence?

The economy, famine, world debt,  family, work issues, self-doubt, civil war, homelessness, crisis in the village global and breakfast in bed are all matters in hand at this moment, but not necessarly connected by geography or time.   But through modern technology (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) & global media (Sky News,  Al Jazeera, iPhones) we are all connected and all aware of each other’s fate.  At this point, this blog could get a bit heavy and turn you off ,  however, I’d pause for reflection and ask you to consider the words of the funky named Roman poet;  Pubilius Syrus, who remarked “We are interested in others, when they are interested in us” .  So let’s take an interest in broader things before returning to the really important issues in your life, such as the Eastenders omnibus, Wii Fit, Roary the Racing Car, the Grand Prix and Sunday lunch specials down the Dog & Duck!

Think for a second about the impact on the German farmers as a result of a mismanaged sprout.  Yup, sprouts (the irony of that it rhymes with a nickname is not lost on me).  Years ago, not an issue to the rest of us in Europe, now it’s a mass panic as Ecoli rampages across the media.

I have been reading some alarming reports about Fukushima and the pollution caused across a local landscape,  966 square kilometers, an area 17 times the size of Manhattan, which is now uninhabitable.  This is also impacting on a global footprint and has introduced us to some alarming new words such as –

  • Caesium
  • Strontium
  • Plutonium isotopes

These are known as ‘hot particles’ to you and me…and they will cause cancer amongst other things.

Though this is not as well-known as the German sprout?!  Well, it is in Germany who have now decided to phase out its nuclear program over the next 1o years.  Though this closes a door for one area of industry, it swings open another for the natural energy lobby.  Italy is also wondering what to do about it nuclear policy, but not so the USA.  Why? Well,  Obama’s biggest campaign contributor is nuclear operator Execon and it’s CEO John Rowe has been appointed to the commission on the USA`s nuclear future.  Maybe that’s why?  Am sure his Father’s day will be grand!  

And what of the impact of the 2008 economic crisis and it’s effect on areas of Peru, such as Madre de Dios?  This Southern state’s forests have been decimated by the illegal gold rush to such an extent,  they can be viewed from space.    As much of the gold is being mined is illegal, tax is not being paid. Why?  Hmm,  when one considers that most of the mining is done by corrupt officials who own the mining companies,  it’s no surprise.  The sad thing is, as no tax is collected, the infrastructure is  not developing, child labour is being used and underage prostitution is rife.  Still, it’s good news for businesses who provide the mechanics to carry out the mining activity, such as Caterpillar & Volvo.  I wonder what sort of Father’s day the fathers who are workers are having compared to the ‘Top Brass’ who enable this sort of thing to happen right under our noses?

This is getting a little to heavy for a day like today, so let’s try to relax and review “Time” Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Worst Fictional Fathers:

  • Dr. Evil
  • Peter Griffin (Family guy)
  • Al Bundy
  • Lester Burnham (American Beauty)
  • George Bluth (Arrested Development)
  • Harry Wormwood (Matilda),
  • Anthony Cooper (Lost – I`ve never heard of him!)
  • Darth Vader (made me laugh)
  • Humber Humber (Lolita)
  • And the best one in my book  – Jack Torrance (The Shining….”Little pigs….oh little pigs?”)

So there we are.  Remember,  that Twitter & Facebook can be used, and is used to bring down governments  – as well as Giggsy.

I’ll finish here as I need to get home to my comfy European abode and spend time with my family whom I love dearly.  On today of all days, I feel good about being a father and I am lucky to have what I have.  However, I have also taken the time to reflect on other dads who are in different places and circumstances to me, and I wish them all the very best.

Right, where’s that remote…

TTFN – Globalagogogo


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