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Hip hip hip hooray…

As your friend and narrator basks in the glory that is a hot summer Sunday in June, I look out at my industrial view sat in my Portacabin and all appears well.  Murray, Nedal & Federer all triumph in the seasonal fortnight at Wimbledon, as their missing Wombles are spotted by Michael Evis at another muddy Glastonbury.  I imagine if you are on the `wacky stuff` and you see them appearing on stage – how bizarre might that seem?  Still, I feel sure they will outshine Bono`s lot who sunk like a bombed sub boat they take their name from.

Linking that and talking of war, I was absolutely horrified, deflated and gutted to hear of the 35 innocent victims of yet another suicide bombing at a maternity clinic in Afghanistan.  I can`t get my head around the mentality of anyone who could get themselves into such a state, whereby they believe martyrdom could be secured from such a barbaric act.  How bad is it, that such things can still go on?  The Taliban have distanced themselves from it.  How this will leave Obama’s plans to withdraw 10`000 troops by the end of the year sovereignty by 2014 is beyond me.  The place still has a long journey ahead, and my thoughts are with the families.

This was a contrast to William & Kate`s visit to 1st Battalion Irish regiment yesterday where some of our troops were recognised for their endeavours abroad.  It was upsetting to see the young soldier in the wheel chair as Kate spoke to him as his comrades stood proudly by.  Can`t have been easy for any of them, and a difficult early-day outing for the new Duchess of Batley or wherever.

I feel guilty by having to admit that whilst this was all going on, I found myself fascinated by the ‘fascinator’ – this is also shared by this Sundays Independent.  Apparently, people are getting upset by the cheap copies.  Well, certainly Philip Treacy is as he`s the chap who did Posh Spice, Tara Palmer  & Co`s for the royal wedding a few weeks ago.  I line up with `Cozmo Jenk`s` who said that the cheap Debenhams rip offs look like the sort of tat you find on Burlesque hen-do`s (which resonates and make me chuckle for reasons best left well alone!).

What`s new –I can`t believe 70% of us in the UK reckon we are no longer working class and see themselves as middle class?!  Maybe it’s a lifestyle thing?  If you own a 4×4 with a private reg plate or have a daughter who’s pony goes trekking and own’s a Polo shirt – maybe that makes you better than the rest, who knows?  Maybe, it’s that we now see foreign workers as working class because we fail to engage with them or open our arms and minds to the cultural differences.  There`s good and bad in all things so let`s not get bogged down in all that tittle-tattle.  Remember in the 1960`s it was cool to be working class.  I just thought you had to work to be working class?

Let’s look on the bright side, at least we’re not called Cameron or Tyler Winklevoss…who, as it happens, are still chasing Mark Zuckerberg for royalties. They had best be quick, given the current fallout rate on Facebook!  He`ll never be poor, though I reckon he still sees himself as working class.

There`s a man in Egypt wants to fight a lion to the death as he thinks it will help with tourism.  One animal rights activist, when questioned on the matter of animal cruelty commented, “Well, maybe we ought to ask the lion about that”!   And best of luck to the Libyan footballers who`ve switched sides and upset Gaddafi; this will hurt him due to the massive popularity of football in North Africa.  Though the cell phone manufacturers must be happy, given that most of the civil unrest during the `Arab Spring` is captured in grainy Technicolor and sent to a waiting world via their products. 

Also, (white cloth) hats off the Anna Hazar –  the social activist who`s trying to stamp out corruption in India and the finance ministry.  Keep going kid (he`s 74 you know!)

To the garden, to the barby and to the wine dear friends.

FFTN – Globalagogogo…


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