Back to the future…?

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It been a while!

 Who makes all the money for the UK – or for anywhere come to think of it?!  Having been given a nod to look at the recent work of Evan Davis, I found it very hard to do so, given that the BBC i-player is not allowing access to the back catalogue of the series.  Anyway I began to reflect on the opening statement without a steer from Evan.

 The UK has the second strongest economy in Europe after Germany;  but ahead of France.  I was not aware of this fact, and was surprised to find we steal a march on our Gallic neighbours, but not surprised at all that we lag behind Germany.  Hats off to them, given they are still struggling to integrate the east with the west after the wall came tumbling down in 1989 – with celebrations of same being headed up by the drinking woman`s favourite, David Hasselhoff! The German’s may make damn fine automobiles, but one has to wonder about their taste in (so-called!) music…and beach wear!

Although the above are now seeing a big decline in foreign direct investment (FDI), I wonder how we are going to get on moving forward.  The USA invests the greatest FDI value into the UK but given the catastrophic state of its current debt I wonder, and worry about the security of our long-term future and where the cash is coming from, but more importantly where it is actually generated.  Obama is after lifting the ceiling on the current debt covenants in the US to make sure they don`t default on payment.  The biggest debt being to China who is out to the tune of £1 trillion.  Yes, think of doctor evil and say it… “one trillion dollars – baby”!

Four tigers, a dragon, and the resurgence of Asia (Dicken 2008).  Back to the future?  Many, many years ago (1700`s) the hub of all trade was out of Asia with 62% GDP, this changed dramatically following the end of the second world war and by the 1950`s it was almost a reversal with the west having almost 60% to Asia only having 19%.  Moving to the present day I see the reverse occurring once again as the four tigers, Honk Kong, Korea, Singapore & Taiwan continue to grow.  This will be closely supported by the `tiger cubs` of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

 With China `The dragon` now leading the way and the IT boom in India firmly in the political arena this is most likely the source of all new revenues for the next few years.  This has been nicely boxed of by some commentators as `Chindia` – where the worlds workshop meets the office.

 The sociologist Manuel Castells argues that the forces of globalisation driven by new information technology are replacing the `space for places` with `space for flows`.  This suggest that anything can be located anywhere and if it doesn`t work out then it can be quickly and easily moved somewhere else.  The times are indeed a changing…

So where and who makes the money?  I know that the UK is the centre of the commercial world, but it looks most likely to me that the centre of all future trade will be back to Asia, and good old US of A needs to watch its back and guard its shores from sea to shining sea a little more closely I think.  I`d argue that the great economy that is the US is now in a cocked hat crippled by a debt burden which it can`t manufacture its way out of due to the massive imbalance in its account sheets.  Not that I`m an expert, but if it looks like its f****d, and walks like its f****d then its f****d!

A bit like users of the new Google + networking service, if you violate the community rules on the new social networking site you stand a good chance to lose access to all Google services.  And given how much many people have come to rely on such a thing then they need to be very careful about how they choose their provider!  Siva Vaidhyanathan has written a book called `The Googalisation of Everything` which I`d suggest is worth a read.

It is very upsetting to read about the plight of mothers in the horn of Africa whom are struggling to feed their children as their country is beset with famine due to drought (as I look out of my window on the old industrial estate it is raining, how sad an irony is that?!).  They are so desperate that many are taking to tying ropes around their waists to lessen the hunger pangs as they trek across the land to refugee camps trying to find food and water for their families.  I don`t know what the world economy thinks of that, but direct action is needed, and the world needs to divert its gaze from princess Kate onto more pressing matters.

So, who`d want to be a Murdoch or Brooks this time then?  Well maybe some of the 100 or so print workers whose jobs are on the line in Kirkby, Liverpool due to the closure of NoTW might like to be only a £1 behind them.  Who`d have thought that a decision made by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (second largest shareholder) on his yacht in Cannes would affect some printers in Kirkby.  A world apart yet connected by a matter of minutes.  Betty Murdoch has said Rebekah Brooks `f****d the company`, I`d argue she`s `f****d` more than that, so good riddance.  Just shows you, influence can come from the strangest of places in the global village!

The miners in Chile are suing the government for being trapped for 69 days down the pit claiming breaches of health & safety – and why not eh?

And, Charlie Gilmore doing a bit of porridge for being a sad lad and raiding Top Shop or whatever he did.  Looked a little shy & retiring and somewhat reflective last time I saw a picture of him.  Kids, who`d have em eh?!!  He`s going to get some grief in the nick and no mistake, if for no other reason than he looks a bit like Harry Potter.  His step dad is a global icon to many a music fan, maybe his stepson could learn a trick or two from the old fella.  “We don`t need no education”….but Charlie`s been a right Charlie, and he clearly does!  He`ll be sure to get an education `Norman Stanley Fletcher` style, as he considers his options sitting in his new abode. 

Anyhoo, that`s it from me for now as it`s `a fun day Sunday fun day` for me and the family getting rained on at the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground.

 TTFN Globalagogogo…


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