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One nil to the Keizer chiefs then! 

Back in the Victorian era the proletariat (that`s us!) were taxed on the size of their windows, thus the term daylight robbery was termed.  You may notice that many old houses from that era have bricked up areas where windows used to be, they did this to reduce the tax burden.  I bet that chap with the ruined furniture shop will not be thinking about this at the moment.  Like you and me I`m sure he will still be shacking with anger and outrage at the actions of silly little boys and drunk girls  – some of whom are still not old enough to shave their legs (to quote an old Billy Bragg song from his `Brewing up` album).   It is going to cost the insurance industry along the lines of £200m+ and that is money that could have been used to buy something worthwhile, maybe build a new hospital wing or certainly  invested in a far more productive venture.

Last week saw England for what it is – a bloody mess.  How embarrassing and sad that a one`s great nation is still tuning out a slack handful of young people who are not educated to a high enough standard to understand the terrible self forefilling prophesy they are creating by their own hand.  Many who I have heard being interviewed haven`t got a Scooby-do as to why they did what they did and have no concept of the outcome or their actions – for which they take no ownership.  Every single one of them is blaming someone, or something other than themselves for their behaviour.  Step up and take ownership of your actions and your lives you whiny little shits.  None of us were gifted the lives we carve out for ourselves, everyday is hard and everyday is a challenge.  If you want something you have to get of your arse and work for it! 

A little list of excuses offered is detailed below:

  • We are poor
  • We have no money
  • We were bored
  • They shot Mark Duggan
  • It`s the governments fault
  • It`s class warfare
  • It`s our way to get our tax money back (even though they don`t pay any as there either on the dole or still at school – oh the irony!)
  • Were showing the Police were in charge
  • Were getting back at the rich people
  • We were pissed


Is it me?!!  Or are they that stupid they don`t realise that the vast majority of whom they have robbed or mugged are the same as them?!  Many of those affected are not from our shores; they came to our country in search of an improved way of life whilst at the same time improving ours through their hard work or interesting cultural differences.  Those they took from came here to escape this sort of crap.  I hang my head in shame.

But let’s be honest about this issue its an act of a selfish and mindless few and I applaud the twitter campaign which has rapidly grown from the ashes of his damning week, and seen many like mining individuals gather together to take back the streets -beautifully symbolise by brushes and black bin bags – top job.  And we do need to improve our image as I understand that the top bods at Tata watched with growing concern and asked some rather pointy questions as to whether investing in a new car plant in Wolverhampton was a practical thing to do.  After all you don`t want to see your investment in Jaguar go up in smoke do you?!

To those out there who have tried to destroy our spirit I`d like to point out the obvious fact that you don`t look cool in your hoodies and adidas shell suits.  You are not `hip` and `with it` because you know how to string txt speak words together using Blackberry messenger.  Robbing humble folk of their property and hurting those who try to retain some self pride does not make you look hard.  You are not noble anarchists or freedom fighters.  You are not doing what the nation wants you to do, you are proving nothing (other than your dress sense is kitsch and crass) and what you have done brings no value to the current global economic crisis. No one respects you.  No one wants to be like you.  Why? Well, it`s because you just look like a bunch of twats! And you can think about that when big brother comes a calling!!

If you want to make a public statement that is not quite legal but gets the job done better and more subtly you should watch the Banksy film Exit through the gift shop.  I like Banksy and the way he gets his message across is pure class in my book. I`m not saying it`s right but it gets a tick in the box from me.  That`s the way to do it!!

Big business does take note of social issues and trends, something that adidas &Blackberry will no doubt be reflecting upon I`m sure.  After all, Gordon`s has just dumped the sweary Mr. Ramsay.  Who you are associated with, and in what context is a grey area but one that all major business must be aware of if they want to stay a credible entity.  It is interesting to see how things link together in this global village and I`d strongly recommend you read No Logos or The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein if you get a spare week – or two!

If you want to look decent whilst you’re thinking about not rioting why not go for Ben Sherman.  They have just nicked Adrian Ward-Rees of Burberry and are looking to up the ante on their marketing strategy and are set to launch a new range and open some specialist shops around Carnaby Street.  This will be good news for the American owned company as if the Fred Perry does as well over here as its doing over there, it might help the USA debt burden a little bit!

The debt burden is not getting any easier of the EU though. The Greeks are really in the mire as recent figures show its economy shrinking by a further 7% in the second quarter. Sarkozy is meeting with Merkle at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday in yet another attempt to improve the governance on our sovereign debt problems. The banks have an estimated (euro) 260bn refinancing headache to sort by the end of this year so we`d best get ourselves ready for even tighter squeeze on our tax and spending capability.  Many are now arguing that it’s not the governance that is the immediate concern but the liquidity situation, and that is serious stuff indeed.  I heard once that money makes to world go around.  I think that is not quite right, I thought it was gravity?  If it is gravity then the gravity of the real situation ought to be focused upon with immediate effect and they ought to stop chasing rainbows because their ain`t no cash at the end of them.  I should know, I have looked!

There is still money to be earned in the London hotel market, but not at the moment I don`t think.  Maybe after the dust has settled from the riots things might pick back up.  None the less it has not put Pramerica off buying the great northern hotel in Kings Cross for a tidy sum.  Very popular with the new money coming in from Latin America and the Middle East by all accounts!  Wonder if they might want to buy Andrew Lloyd Webbers Palace Theatre at Soho, I hear that it`s up for grabs and it is currently home to Pracilla queen of the desert.  Make of that what you will.

Looking at the UK accounts we seem to have invested over £14bn thus far on the Afghan war and a further £4bn a year to keep it up.  That is around £500.00 per tax payer. Let`s hope it is worth it in the long run.  It might have been useful to spend on the illiterate twats who smashed the living daylights out of our city centres last week might it not? (The Bond reference is intended, as I seem to remember Timothy Dalton did drop into Afghanistan along with Art Mallick who was cast to play alongside him as the amiable Oxford educated Jihadist out to get the Russin`s! Oh how our perceptions have changed during the intervening years)

It`s fifty years ago that they built the Berlin wall and 136 people died trying to cross it.  The wall came down in 89 but whether or not the wall remains in place on people`s minds out in Germany is another matter.  We should not be nostalgic for the thing, but we should be reminded that we can learn much from the mistakes made back in 1961 and that a democracy is far better than a dictatorship in today`s global village.

I understand that an American equity house (whole also own Dunkin Donuts!) is looking to buy the struggling Brintons Carpets in Kidderminster, home of the carpet by all accounts.  They started trading way back in 1783 only use British wool, and have made the carpets for the QE2 and Buckingham palace don`t you know.  That`s Americans for you, they love anything British don`t they – other than rioters that is.

I`d like to finish with a thought that it is our jobs as parent to bring our kids up as best we can and to educate them in what is right and that is wrong along with common courtesy and mutual respect for others.  Back in the day there were poor people all around the UK, poor they may have been but they were proud of their lot and always looked after what they had and did their best to improve their lot.  Yes they whined but they got on with it and encouraged their kids (like me) to do well at school and better themselves.  Robbing was never given as an option.   

I save my final (urban!) words on this matter for the guilty few that got together and turned England into a rioting mess.  I shall avoid falling into the trap of promoting persived middle class sensibilities and vengeance is not the answer to all this, I would simply advise them all to f..k off!

Right I`m off home now to spend some time with the family unit.

 TTFN Globalagogogo…


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