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So, it`s ten years since the world was shook to the core buy the act of one organisation against another.  How quickly that time has passed for the casual on lookers – if there could ever be such a thing – given an unprecedented situation like this.  Am sure we all have vivid memories and quietly remember watching real time SKY news reports with mouth`s open, and a mutual feeling of dread, panic, frustration, bewilderment, shock, horror, sickness and despair.

Much has been written about these terrible events and I do not wish to add too much to that debate, however it is only right and proper that Globalagogogo tips his hat and gives due consideration to the many families, friends, colleagues, loved ones and organisations who are still dealing with the aftermath, and who no doubt still feel rocked to the core every 11th of September.

It never goes away nor should it, however I often wonder about the balance and my fear is that it becomes a something other than what it is.  As each year passes and life moves on we are dragged back to reality as the media rolls out its never ending stream of bereaved relatives to talk about that day and sharer their loss and sadness.   I truly hope it does not turn into a circus spun out by film & documentary makers, by news papers and magazines, by t-shirt manufacturers and plastic Star`s & Strips fag makers, by the Manhattan hot dog sales men and the poster makers or the newspapers and news channels.  For them it is now becoming a regular business underpinned by an unspeakable act, and each year we see 9/11 evolving into a similar scenario as that of the Kennedy assassination, Princess Diana`s car crash and John Lennon`s shooting.  Let`s hope it does not become cheap  entertainment for a hungry world, as I believe the focus should remain what it is – an act of extreme violence by one angry group of individuals against another all in the name of either religion or big business.

As the badge says… “Mummy, why do people kill other people to prove that killing people is wrong”?!!

The events of ten years ago have change our lives and the way we go about our business, not least in the silly little things we now take for granted yet should perhaps check ourselves against.  This very morning I saw a young Asian looking dude walking along into work with a big rucksack on his back.  I noticed he was young, Asian had a mobile phone in his pocket looked slightly glazed and had a large back pack.  Why was this? Other than the obvious fact he was there?!  I thought, “he`d not last two minutes on the London underground or walking through New York today”.

Clearly he was glazed because it was 06.00hrs in the morning, he had a phone so he could keep in touch with his friends & family and no doubt, if he`s anything like me, the local take away delivery service.  He had a rucksack probably with a change of cloth`s for when he finished work.  I thought of 7/7 and I smiled at my prejudice as I remembered it was also the anniversary of 9/11 and that my view had been tainted by these events which I reckon is unfair on a chap who is innocently making his way into work.  A guy who pays his bills like I do, and wants’ only the best for his family just like I do.  But our view and outlook is now different because of that one single act, and we can`t do anything about that in the short term.   But we should take this opportunity to move on, look to the future, embrace other cultures & enjoy the diversification and the value we can glean from listening and understanding opposing views to those of our westernised, scientific and Christian teachings.

Let`s take a quick look at some of the other changes to our lives and way we now go about our business before we move on to matters less pointy.

We are now friends with 100ml toothpaste tubes and deodorant.  Little self seal bags to be stuffed full of liquids at airports are £1 – they used to be free!  Shoes off belts off jackets off caps off.   We now have scanners that make us see-through thanks to L-3 Communications who gave us the `L-3 ProVision millimetre Wave Checkpoint screening system`. 

By the way, L-3 had sales of 1.9bn in 2000, they now turnover 16bn and have contracts covering airports and baggage scanning across the globe supported by companies like Siemens and Honeywell!  

We are obsessed by the use of internet email traffic, and we now love New York firemen (who are all Irish for some reason).  You Tube footage of `The Falling Man` and other – some argue – pornographic images of that day are known to us all.  We shuffle, moan and whisper when a group of Asian looking people get on the same plane as us.  We can`t make jokes about having a bomb when we are in an airport.  Even though security companies are making a `bomb` out of all this.  Big business and the local authorities have taken some advantage and we now have CCTV everywhere – it is good to know, but on the flip side we are all now in the Trueman show.  We often worry about going to popular places like the Eiffel tower, Rome, St Pauls, Wembley, shopping centres or airports. 

Using the underground is now considered a reasonable gamble rather than a public transport system.   We know where Stoney Creek , Shankville Pennsylvania  is thanks to the bravery of the 44 people aboard a Boeing 757 `flight 93`.

The name of a rich Saudi construction family is now known to us all as one of the son` s Osama Bin Laden sullied their reputation forever.  And `Team 6` with their crashed helicopter problems are now out favourite Navy Seals (at this point it is worth remembering that it was G.W. Bush who ramped up intelligence gathering some years ago – after too many years of neglect – which helped enable the assault on the walled hidie hole of Bin Laden`s compound on Sunday 1st May 2011). 

We are now overly concerned about security in Pakistan and their inability to solve the issue of engrained corruption which is endemic throughout areas of its government, and army, winds’ us all up and scares us.  Whereas before we just thought they were silly buggers and we were better educated than them (which is not actually the case, there`s just more opportunity for us).

We all remember where we were, and we are reminded of that every year.  

And, we all remember George W. Bush with his book open upside down as he sat on that little chair in that school nursery reading `The little Goat` – and I think, we all maybe all secretly think,  we are all thankful that it wasn`t us.

On the subject of planes, I reckon I am thankful it wasn`t me on that Ryan air flight that gassed its passengers.  I would not have been pleased as I`m not a great flyer at the best of times and would have been screaming like Ned Fland-iddly-anderddidly-ers.  Michael O` Leary will no doubt be going leery with his 737 technicians, and Easy Jet will be rubbing their hands.  Mind you one of their engines caught fire last year if you remember, that said, one of Ryan airs planes dive bombed 300ft not long after and scared everyone aboard half to death.  Mind you better that, than being a Russian ice hockey team last week (May they rest in peace).  Not a good week for aviation I don`t think.

To take your mind of things why not reach for a copy of Jordan – sorry – Katie Price`s new magazine `Katie`!  No idea of the price, but it is full of top tips – yes, I said `tips` – on cooking, make up and such frivolity based blarney.  Let`s see how long it lasts shall we.

Alternatively you might like to tune into the Rugby world cup with I understand to be taking place on the other side of the world.  Apparently over 4 million New Zealanders watched them knock Tonga for six, that is 1/3 of the population don`t you know.  You`d not think that the travel chaos caused by such an event would dampen the spirits but its wound everyone up a treat.  Good to know that they are a bad as the rest of us.  England got slagged of for beating Argentina in a not too convincing way, and they had to dress like the all blacks to do it – clever disguise!

As for Scotland beating Romania, let`s not get too carried away.  They are top of group B but have still to face England and Argentina but will probably beat Georgia before going home!  I bet Princess Fifi might have something to say about that though!!  

With all that is going on this weekend I don`t much feel like talking about the coalition banking reform which Britain is being the guinea pig for, or the raising of higher levels capital to 10 per cent taking it 3 percent higher than international standard of 7 percent.  The two month consultation period will probably afford some banks the time to take a review of where they want to base themselves, and they might just take off to places where 7 percent remains a woolly comfort blanket – like that little chaps in Peanuts.  Good grief….Charlie Cletus thingy!

Neither am I too bothered about Selfridges (founded in 1909 by American `Harry Gordon Selfridge`) buying the building currently occupied by `French Connection` on Oxford street, though £80m is a chunk of cash.  Wonder if they might up the rent and if they do, will the current occupier give a fcuk?!    Is it the right time given that consumer confidence is still in the dumps, perhaps if they go for the long game.  Not that Arcadia care too much, they are pulling out of Oxford street and have just sold their Dorothy Perkins outlet to Boots the chemist.  So that will be handy  for Selfridges employee to nip out and buy a sandwich at lunch time and bleep out through their self serve checkout and collect their loyalty points.

If they had to drive then they might like to buy a SAAB, the owners have had to apply for court protection against creditors as Swedish courts didn`t believe their new business plan held water.  We`ll what do you expect from a 60 year old who has struggled to move with the times?

Tell you one who has though, Sir Bruce of` Forsyth.  The former Septuagenarian who has been with us longer than anyone can remember (Though I do remember him in Bed knobs & broom sticks, many Ealing comedies and St Tinian’s) is now an Octogenarian, and Strictly (as it`s become known) is back with us  for its ninth outing of kitsch, camp and sickly early evening Saturday night, light entertainment.  This show is glorious in its crassness and starts the long run upto Christmas.  Bruno Tonioli`s hair is in competition with Bruce’s and Tess Daly continues to do her best without the old master interrupting her – give us twirl.

“Ladies gentlemen & children, nice to see you, to see you…”  Gaw`d help Edwina Curry – and God bless America.

Right, I am off to see the children, to see the children, nice…


TTFN Globalagogogo…


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