Lego landed….

In Uncategorized on September 17, 2011 at 19:16

In Windsor, in posh hotel with many Euro trypes as there is an acupuncture convention in town – infact, in this very hotel! Yup, its full of pricks!

There are – for some unexplained reason – many Germans here, and one has a ponytail. You couldn’t script it.

Everyone is getting on very well and Europe seems united by the needle & pins of alternative medicine tonight. We have one thing in common, we all like to be nice to each other over a drink in the bar and everyone is pleased to see thier old friends back in town. I might see if they can do some work on me to see if they can get me smoking again. I just can’t seem to get started! And I do miss them so. Just like ‘the artist formally known as Prince’ did when he penned ‘Nothing Compairs to You’.

RIP the Welsh miners, and may their families be strong and united at this time.

Enjoy your evening as best you can and have a drink in their memory and for the recue service who worked so hard to get to them – Tomorrow belongs to us! (as the Germans once said)

Must leave it at that and attend to the family, after all thats what Lego land was created for…oh, and of course, profit!

TTFN Globalagogogo…


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