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What`s is culture and why do people say what they say?  That is a good question and maybe one which your friend & narrator can`t provide you with a satisfactory answer too, none the less we must` jog on` and do our best.

Certainly the two are linked, how they could not be.  One only need look at fans in a football stadium, company moral, functionality of hospitals or family values as examples which don`t need much analysis E.G. they are joined together by a either common belief or a common goal – which in many instances is not truly understood. 

And there comes the old enemy `communication` once again.

If you cast your mind back only a few short weeks and consider the eclectic stories told by the rioting masses, they were all doing a similar thing but for no common reason other than it was perceived as a cool and trendy (just like that other moron, Gordon – showing my age there I think!).  A culture had formed via social media and people said what they said.  And how they said it was often as amusing as it was alarming!  They spoke with a new urban patois lost on old gits like me, they wore similar clothing, came from a similar back ground and are all now mostly regretting their actions, as the very thing that created the` communications web` is now being used to drag them down – what feeds you destroys you?  🙂

The dictionary advises:  Culture – refinement; appreciation of the arts; the whole range of skill of people at a certain period.  And, maybe even yogurt aligns itself, at it believes itself to be a culture?!

Well that`s fine and dandy but refinement is not often that evident in a culture, maybe it is at a higher consciousness level, and an appreciation of the arts is not too often a crutch to lean on when your under fire at work for your margins slipping!  But certainly the paradigm ` that`s way things are around here lad` comes into play when you looking for a quick answer to what is culture.

People say what they say in the way they say it as it often helps get one noticed, or paradoxically go un-noticed.  It is an easy way of becoming accepted and takes little effort once you`ve learned the rules.  However I think the question raised is at a more philosophical level and intends to query cognitive behaviour, and may suggest it is based around there being no such thing as a free thinking, independent act due to social constructivism and westernised teaching methods. 

Whether or not these are still valid is a great debating point, and as I walked around a lovely sunny park yesterday afternoon I overhead many student types arguing similar points – even if they were raised around the cost of Cider or ice cream.  That may be so, but what drew us to the park, why did students cluster in the way they did, why were we all dressed in similar clothes and why were all these young free radicals all clutching at the same iphone’s as they went about their lounging?  It made me smile and reflect on how big business, advertising, politics, social housing, demographics and education had a hand to play in all this. 

Globalagogogo might write for hours on this interesting little matter, however the need to comply with other social issues prevents such ramblings and the prickly matter of who has the right to charge what they do for Cider & Ice cream shall remain un-resolved.  However, I`d wager a small fortune that at some point in the future many of the students I passed yesterday will have a hand in it once big business gets its steel claws into their fresh young minds!

But let me say this though, what was wonderful to witness was the diverse mix of cultures and ethnicity which peacefully mixed and played together in the Saturday sunshine.  I observed many Italians talking mainly Italian (like Bananarama said Robert De`Nero does), brightly dressed Asian girls with different generations of their families, lads & lasses all getting on well, young men trying their best to tightrope walk between two trees (and impress the ladies!), people playing sport, people reading, people cycling, couples coupling and loads of happy children playing football with each other.  Not a single angry or abusive word being spoken.  Lovely!

It is a real shame that the leaders of our individual nations cannot find the time to share such simple pleasures and they might just stop and ask themselves the question “if all our people can all get on so well together in a park on an random Saturday, why on earth would we think they might want to hurt or kill each other”?  Indeed we do not, and would not, unless spurred on to do so by naughty middle aged men who work hard to convince us all that `we are all under attack` which we are not!  

So why do we say what we say, and what sort of culture spawns such behaviour…discuss.   

Talking of culture and middle aged men falling out.  I read that BP (yes BP again!) are not in a happy place at the moment (yes once again!).  That place being Argentina.  Mind you, Carlos Teves is from there, and he`s not happy either.   I don`t think it`s the place, it`s more the politics at play with BP & Carlo`s home.

BP is trying to sell £4.5bn worth of its business off to help fund the clean-up operations ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Another Carlo`s is unhappy, this time it`s Carlos Bulgheroni, and he`s raised a load of legal arguments to stall the proposed sell of `Pan American Energy` which is in Argentina.  The upcoming elections at the end of October will no doubt be a causation factor in the delay, but this will not help the current BP CEO Bob Dudley (Dudley, is that not where Lenny Henry comes from?!) who is struggling to keep his job as BP shares continue to underperform.

From one under Performa to another which is seeing itself catapulted into the good times thanks – your couldn`t script it – in part to posh spice Mrs David Beckham nee Victoria Adams.  The eastern owned Land Rover Company has only let Mrs. Posh lend a hand in the styling of the new 4×4 Evoque.  Which is even more funny because it`s not even a 4×4, it`s a two wheel drive Chelsea tractor – oh Lordy.  

Let`s hope it does better than Bentley Motors who are currently losing £5k on every car they make.  Don` t know what VW will make of all that, but I can`t see them being too happy, though they are saying it was down to investment or development of three new – even more expensive now they are losing money – models.  Strange don`t you think that it`s linked to footballers again.

Earlier in the park I recognised that football unites us all, but at the same time divides us.  I`m not bad at football but can`t afford either a Land Rover or a Bentley.  As the great Bill Shankley (or someone equally well respected) once said, “God help us if it ever becomes more than just a game…”

Another game is that of supermarkets.   Globalagogogo did some work on reviewing Asda Wal-Mart last week and Tesco’s came into the equation.  Now they don`t sell Bentleys but they look like they have seen a downturn also.  But only in turnover, it’s down by 2%.  Profits remain firm though the recent price reduction should once again improve turnover over the coming months.  They will no doubt retain profit by screwing their key suppliers – who might well pontificate on whether or not every little help`s them at all?

You need to stay fit to stay on top and Fitness First has abandon is decision to float due to growing concerns about the state of the industry, as available cash from its shrinking membership dries up.  Perhaps the Scotland Rugby team might like to join and work on their fitness level`s, after all, losing to the old enemy by only two points must be horrible for them.  Must try harder, after all every little help`s!

For the less sporty, you book readers out there might just want to step back a bit, as it looks like Apple & Kindle are going to have a scrap, managed by Amazon.  They are launching an attack with `Fire`.  Ok, it’s got no camera or 3G but its funky enough for a train journey or holidays.  And after all, we`ve now all got phones with cameras so why would you want to stand up taking a photo with a great big `tablet` devise anyway?  And it`s cheaper by a good margin.  Still one rotten apple does not a barrel ruin, but it does if you don`t deal with it – lets retreat and see!

Right, I`m off to get merry because it`s my birthday today.  Not telling my age, as age only matter when discussing wine.  And therefore I`m going to have a jolly good chatteroo with a bottle or two…


TTFN Globalagogogo…



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