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Following on from yesterdays blog I thought I`d offer some more on culture.  This is done from notes taken having started to read `Exploring Strategy` by Johnson, Whittington & Scholes (9th edition).

There is plenty to go at when looking at culture and strategic drift, clearly both are closely linked – otherwise it wouldn`t be in the book, surley?!!

  Globalagogogo`s notes are laid out below and may or may not be accurate however they are my thoughts on the matter at this juncture, at this time, feeling as I do right now.  Tomorrow I may feel different, let`s see…

  • Beware strategic drift.  Don`t be lazy and have regular reviews to ensure the process stays on track
  • Founding principles of an organisation.  Although respect must be paid, as this is what started the company off, Tradition, by its very definition can too often be outdated and to this end can, at times, hold you back.  Think about how the past – influences – can continue to affect your future
  • Culture should be reviewed and robustly challenged when considering new strategies to take your business forward when seeking competitive advantage over business rivals
  • Defining what is unique about your organisation should be given due regard when developing strategies or the culture which underpins your business values
  • Watch out for incremental development of an organisation as this can lead to strategic drift and cause a business to lag behind others as the environment changes & develops
  • Failure to continue to develop can cause stagnation of both the business and their employees.  This can lead to a lack of refreshed internal challenge 
  • Gradual change or swift change can be a requirement of any organisation as it makes its way through its development
  • Just because something has been successful once does not necessarily mean it will continue to be so.  Looking at the Motorola story it is clear to see strategic shift, lack of foresight, poor review process, a culture which assumed its market position was unassailable, no focus on competition and outdated technology were all not given enough focus.  This may be down to poor or weak leadership, ineffective research or lack of a deliverable future strategy.  Clearly a smart business needs to consider the here and now but give as much presence of mind to its short, medium & long term future.  Keeping an eye on trends and market research can help, however a business MUST have a robust plan, do review strategy and invest in its future
  • Too often change in the environment happens over a long period (like the hour hand on a watch).  A business needs to have processes in place to look back and review what is happening directly around then, internally and globally.  It should identify the signs and take action to move with the times – or indeed lead and let others follow.  Good analysis leads to credible insight…
  • Fear of moving too far from the safety of what a business knows is a factor which must be addressed.  String leadership and vision is needed, however, to effect a change a good story is also extremely important.  People need something they can believe in, be part of and it must be achievable 
  • Be aware of the risk of making long term strategic decision when changes in the environment may only be temporary.  Uncertainty therefore can cause you to stall and may save a business untold grief, alternatively it may hold back progress
  • Take nothing for granted
  • How you deal with key stakeholders and long term relationships may adversely affect development of a culture or evolving strategy

 And there is plenty more to come…

TTFN Globalagogogo…





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