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A fantastic job for Apple, bless his hart and may his memory stay with us for many years to come.  I`m sure it will, however the affect it may have on Apple’s reputation as a creative monolith with no doubt be worrying a number of investor’s, key stakeholders and other indirectly involved businesses such as retailers, packaging companies, distributors etc.  Not that Nokia will grumble, after all it had its iphone technology lifted by the great man – just like Fagin he was, and I mean that in a nice way.   

Which is funny because what does Apple dactually do?  It doesn`t make computers, or pop them into their primary coloured cases, it is not a computer programmer, it is not a phone company either.  Some argue that is not even the world`s greatest innovator, but, what it is good at is pinching great ideas and making them even greater – like Japan or some such.  Above all Apple made our lives – shared with computer software – simpler , so now we can all understand how they operate!  Not that Apple stuff operates all that well, all the time.  Indeed they have many gremlins and `i` products tend not to interact to well with other software or hardware, in so much as if you go for `i` then you generally need to stick with `i` products.  For example their SIM card is a buggerlugs, so if your phone pops its cloggs you can`t simply bring your old mobile out the cupboard and pop you SIM in to put you on for a while.  They certainly can`t take a kicking like (say) L&G, Sony or Nokia, if you sneeze near your iphone it will falls into pieces – just like a rich prom princess who gets stood-up on her first big date.

Clearly Jobs belived simple was best.  One only need look at his dress sense (if you may dare to call it that) and one can see simplicity pesonified.  He did not bother to evolve that did he?  Bad Dad jeans, bad trainers and a really bad turtleneck – like the one warn by Diane Keating in something`s got to give was his sartorial gift to the rag tradeNo doubt Gok or Mary Porter would have liked to have spent an hour or two sorting that problem out!

Steve Paul Jobs was a man who recognised the value of a great idea and made it simple and better.  Like Sony he didn`t pamper to the markets he created his own.  Many suggest we didn`t know we needed an iphone until they appeared on our TV screens around 2007.  That said we didn`t know we needed a mouse with a computer until Jobs stole the idea from Xerox.

Apple has been going since around 1976 when Jobs got together with the wonderfully named technician Steve Wozniak who put together the Apple 1 (basically a do it yourself computer).  Steve was a humble man who knew about technical stuff but nothing about creativity or marketing, but Jobs did, and off they jolly well went.  Not that Jobs was that great at marketing but he knew a man who was, and that was the boss of Pepsi John Scully, together they made a winning team – for a while.  The Macintosh was not a great success and Jobs went his own way after getting the boot by Scully.

A bit like John Nash, Jobs was not that well equipped in matters related to social etiquette, but none the less this sort of trait seems to lend itself well to boffins and he was called back to Apple.  Jobs pulled them out of the mire with a simple twist on current technology which we now fondly known and love as ipods, iphone’s, and more lately ipads.  All had existed in earlier creations via competitor businesses but Jobs had a strategy and that was simplicity and style.  These gizmos (which he ripped off) all had poor screen clarity, messy buttons, or pens you had to scribe across the face of the hardware, Jobs made our lives easy and convinced a waiting public that what they were missing was his technology.  He was not wrong bless him, and as we all know he went onto make the Apple company many billions and iconic brand across the globe.  Which, as it happens, recently pipped Exxon as the largest of the large – take that you oil giant nasties!

I myself don`t own such products, why? Well, because the iphone doesn`t work too well as a phone and for business.  It’s a drag (no pun intended!)it works very well as anything other than a phone.  I don`t have an Apple computer either, but I know plenty of people who want one!  And, they are often nicely `product placed` in romcoms – not that Globalagogogo watches romcoms you understand, or that I am hen pecked, I am always far too busy doing my studies..ahem! Those whom own them seem to love them and would not be without them.  Though they have been with us a very brief period, they seem to have been with us far longer than they actually have.  They are a part of our lives and have transformed communications betwen people no end – along with facebook et al.  Where would the footage of the Arab Springs been without such gadgets I wonder.

ipod, iphone, ipad, iconic.  ithink, therefore i am – ithink! 

A genius with flaws, but with a great idea, Steve Jobs will always be remembered for looking like your dad and for giving us funky gadgets and a broader understanding of the term, `app` .  But for me I will remember him as being a market leader with some level of integrity (given the industry he traded in!) who took communication forward by developing simple ideas which made advanced technology practical for folk whom like to keep things simple.  A great job by a great Job, well done that man.  And as one tweet said last week, `fuck you pantriatic cancer`!

 A single red rose says more than a thousand – May you rest in peace dear boy…  

Anyone hear of game theory?  It`s mental models.  Basically its mind games, a chess game played against your competition if you will, working out their strategy and developing yours to counter act theirs – and so it goes.  We`ll maybe take a look at that next week as it’s getting late and I need to sit down for some lunch and a nice bottle of – three for a tenner – wine from Asda.

Oh, and best of luck to the New Zealand navy which has sent four ships to where the stranded oil tanker `Rena` is stuck, on a reef ,near the port of Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand.  Bloody oil companies poisoning our world yet again, still that`s the price we pay for their greed – and maybe ours…

TTFN Globalagogogo…


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