London calling…

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2011 at 20:18

Come and have a go if you think you hard enough – An interesting day in London so it would seem.  My old mucker Billy Bragg attached this to his twitter page and it is with much respect that Globalagogogo forwards same to you.

One may not agree, one may find it difficult to accept, or one may argue that the editing is in some ways leaning towards a political end, and if you do, then you already get the picture or are part of the machine.  After all, social construction and the mischievous words of our corrupt leaders – sponsored by oil companies and the like – will surly say whatever they are paid, or told to say.  So it`s no different, or is it?…discuss!

Up until now, your friend and narrator has left this part of his life to one side.  However given that we are “Give em enough rope” (to steal the title of `The Clash` second album) to critique every aspect of global leadership and change, during the old MBA criteria, then “I feel the need, the need for speed” (Goose & Maverick Top Gun!).  So, if we are being Maverick and feeling the need to Goose our governments then the attached link should give us “Food for Thought” (UB40) and an alternative perspective on all things global and business linked?  Or maybe not? 

So why not think about dusting off the old ideologies which you may carried with you many years ago, and actually “Get of your arses”  (to quote Mr J. Rotten in a launch of Anarchy in the UK)…and think “now for something completely different” (Python).  Also, whilst referencing kitsch 1970`s stuff – Why not, switch of you television sets and go do something completely different instead…Or at least think about it??!

It would seem that for my part Globalagogogo keeps quoting old references from old rockers – Oh Buddha I`m old (chose alternative religion if given to do so).  Rage against the Machine could have been referenced as could The Levellers but then again, they are getting on a bit aswell. “Oh, whatever happened to, this gree-ee-en…and pleasant la-a -a-and?”…

Have recognised the fact the there are far(t) to many slanty references, and things in brackets – so I`m off to sit on the sofa with my pipe & slippers.

More tomorrow, as I`ve got to get back to the DVDs and the missus “whom I love, and will love me forever” (The Jam).  Sorry abuut that, couldn`t help myself…!

TTFN Globalagogogo…

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