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On this very day back in 1979 Mr. Barnes Wallis shook a seven!  And there passed an innovative entrepreneur – and into the history books he went – “wave me off as you bid me good – bye, cheerio, don`t be sad lalala…don`t be gay such & such”…

Not a great friend to the Germans but let us not miss the fact that the creativity, vision and resilience of this man overcame many obstacles to create something different, and actually get a difficult job done, which was lost on the linear thinkers of the day. 

Now – to quote Chrissie Hide – don` get me wrong, Globalagogogo is not supporting the dark side of this visionary,  he is simply using this opportunity as an example of what can be achieved when one is under pressure and needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Earlier this week Globalagogogo attended a lecture about leadership, and entrepreneurism or intrepreneurism, whichever.  And he picked up the following bits and bobs around this very issue (but not making bombs, he might add!):

Be brave – Be inventive – Be ethical.  This is a 2500 year old philosophy from China or somewhere east of that.   Let`s be clear, Wallis personified this ethos in his work, and this aspect of the man cannot be argued.  Well maybe it can, but Globalagogogo offers no counter argument, he can`t be bother by all that!

One should seek to be honest, have integrity in your dealings, be sincere, support others and have respect for your fellow man.  Ditto.

Do you think as others and run with the pack? Or do you think outside the box?  It would seem to be a clear case that Wallis was his own man though he respected the advice of others – but was not held back by the paradigm of the era.  

Are you… Clever?  Hard Working? Adventurous?  Ambitious?  Outside the box?  Globalagogogo would offer the argument that Wallis was most of these things, certainly he was if set against the time, and how things were done back then.   That is not to undermine the great work and creativity of other less recognised ordinary Joe`s of that time – Lets call them unsung heroes. 

But let`s also not miss the fact that the criteria detailed above…is from Harry Potter and the thinking caps of Hogwarts!

Think about what motivates you. Where do you naturally sit? Where are your strengths?  Which subjects did you hate at school and which motivated you?  I feel sure that Mr. Bouncing bomb had much to deal with, along with many failures or detractors to whom he had to navigate through on his way, to his grail.

Where could your school have helped you more?  Maybe his school could have done more, Globalagogogo doesn`t know.  But maybe it is in an era of austerity which creates innovation and creativity unlike any other.  Certainly more so than is witnessed in the cosseted youth of today?  Discuss quickly…!  Before the middle class sensibilities of today`s class conscious society send the social worker round to cart us off for undermining our teaching policy and youth culture!

Do relationships try to change you? Does business change you?  Are you a square peg in a round hole?  Indeed if the British government, or the military did not need what they needed when they did, I`d wager Mr. Wallis would have been tagged a weirdo!

Get the big picture right – Get the detail right – Keep improving Kerrching!

Do you follow the ball or look at the players? Are you ahead of the game?? Back of the net Barnes!!

Too many managers and not enough management.  Globalagogogo sees this as a separate issue and one which he could wax lyrical about for many, many paragraphs.  And, were it not for the (witching?) hour, he might well do so.

So we can see that what they teach today, is in many ways reflective.  It is not just the here & now, and not just for the future, but, it clearly boff`s its cap to a bi-gone era where men were men (and sheep were worried).

It is only when you`re on your way to Castleton that anyone ever bothers to say “oh look, we are at the Ladybower reservoir…where they tested that bouncing bomb – thing”Or has Globalagogogo missed a meeting?

And come on!  Talking about bouncing bombs, how sad was it to hear that one of Leeds finest part time wrestlers, philanthropists and all round entertainers rattled off to “knock knock knock on heaven`s door”  yesterday then?

“Now then, Now then.   Jangle Jangle, Jewellery Jewellery “Guys & Gals” – Clunk click every trip”.  “This is the age of the train”.  “Welcome to Top of the Pops”.  “The Duchess”.  “I do it, or I do not do it, Mr Louis Theroux”.  Gaw`d bless him, Mr. `Jim`ll Fix it for You` has gone upto heaven, to meet his mum who died in 1973.  And, let us all hope there really is a telephone in heaven eh?  As Globalagogogo picked up on Twitter last night `another childhood hero has gone to meet his maker`– how sad is that?!   

Talk about reflecting, Globalagogogo remembers being on a bus with his mam in the 70`s and hearing here shout out.  “Ooh look, Jimmy`s there”.  Thought it was my dad she was talking about, but no, it was Jimmy Savile himself in a gold coloured Rolls Royce pulling out onto Briggate – funny how things stick isn`t it!  What a man, what a talent, what a weirdo…but what an icon.  RIP Jimmy.

Other things that caught the eye.

Pippa Middleton’s new book deal.  She`ll deal with her knockers, fnar fnar.  The ghost writer is apparently looking forward to penning her thoughts on kid’s parties.  And no doubt Debenhams will be looking forward to creaming it for the £170.00 replica of here bride outfit – which Globalagogogo thought was a bit shite by the way.   No haute couture at this level I`m afraid.  Sorry! 🙂

Whatever NEXT?!  Indeed whatever NEXT.  Sales are down at the fashion retailers outlets due to a hot October – how sleep the brave?  None the less, sales at it online division Direct on line are up 15%.  Strange phenomenon that, don`t you think?  Can`t shop as its too hot, yet must still shop none the less, but will do it via the old lap top instead.  Autumn sale down, yet autumn clothing still being sold, but on line.  Maybe its the backgraden BBQ brigade, rose wine, a gaggle of half cut ladies, whilst the men watch Match of the Day.  What else is a girl to do but jointly scan the bargains to be had on line? After all, Facebook friends no doubt said it would be easy.  Can`t prove it, but can you prove otherwise?

Where to wear our new clothes from NEXT direct? Abroad?  Well maybe – but if you do, try go by Monarch Airlines.  They have had to take a £75m bailout having suffered losses of £45m mainly due to costs of aviation fuel.  Now that is sad, no one likes to see anyone in the shite, however given that they forecast cost, and buy fuel upfront, and pay many an `experts to forecast the markets ebbs & flows  – Globalagogogo would  be kicking some bottoms!  Barnes Wallis would not have had to invent his bomb given the way they are going down…

If Monarch wants to get back on top maybe the executives from Boots the chemist might just charter a flight to Schippol or somewhere similar before they fly off to the good old US of A and find a partner in crime to support their expansion plans over the pond.  Chemist is all well and good, but beauty products which suggest you could be something you never will be is another – ethical – matter altogether.  The bloke who heads them up dabbles in nuclear stuff aswell – or did!

St Paul’s camp site is growing wings and should be applauded for staying out at this time of year.  Funny how things evolve don`t you think? They now have an IT department and finance manger – Irony anyone?   They are shouting about “Capitalism isn`t working” and, strange as it is, they are absolutely right, they have a point and they MUST be supported.  Billy Bragg say`s so.  And if he say`s so, then let it be so! How long they middle class eccentrics last when it drops nine below zero is another matter.  Social construction is what they rally against yet they seem to be slipping into that very thing – beware creeping conformity (as the badge says).

So, that`s it for now then.  Globalagogogo must get back to the family unit (Babysitting duties tonight for new niece) and prepare himself for tomorrows retched free loading door knocking – `old people scaring` – evening that is Halloween.  An event which is no longer represented by the woken dead, but by the corporate advertising scum bags who promote shite, and whom always wound Bill Hicks up. “Go kill yourselves you f….g scum f….rs.  No, seriously.  Go f…g kill yourselves…”

My goodness, November already?  Treason & plot?  Shit! Who forgot to fetch the flint??!!

TTFN Globalagogogo…

  1. Some good points in between the waffling (Next Sale?) & poor spelling/grammar (Louis, Briggate, Bridesmaid,Wretched)!!!!!!!! : )

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