Sky`s the limit…

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No I don`t think it is!  There is The isle of Sky, BskyB, there`s that band called Sky, there is Sun Sea & Sky, Sky at night, Blue sky thinking, red sky in the morning,  Dark sky and of course Luke Sky-Walker! 

Additionally, there is Free fall, winter spring summer and fall, Waterfall, Footfall tinkling on that tufted floor, Fall out, Fall in, all fall down, Rise & fall and of course Pride before a …

How lovely then that my number one hero and global icon Mr. Bond – Mr. James Bond, should choose to join the two together and bring to the world his new film Skyfall.  Globalagogogo shall just have to wait like everyone else to see what gems Sam Mendes throws at his unsuspecting public as we wait with – giddy anticipation – for next the chapter that is `the Bond movie` – the 23rd in the series.  Yes, movie!  Globalagogogo should have said film, indeed he could simply back space to remove the typo, but “no, no not me, I`m not the man who sold the world” (to quote Bowie), we shall not retract the term movie.

Globalagogogo was just wondering whether or not the term movie better represented the global industry that is 007, or does the term film better fit the bill.

Certainly in the old days the term film better suited Connery or Lazenby.  The term movie perhaps suited Moore or Dalton.  Whereas, film was right up Brosnan`s street.  Now, as for Daniel Craig, Globalagogogo believes his Bond sits between the two, as does the horizon which separates the sky from the sea.  As we move on in our international, globally aware world, perhaps terms shift as the globe shifts and we should just let it go?  As night falls, and sky darkens, I can hear Chicken Little shouting the Sky is falling in – and no one will be listening.  Perhaps they may think he`s calling fowl!  Or his goose is cooked, or he`s down & out, or its chicken feed, perhaps, just maybe, he did see the Skyfall, or was it just another piece of the puzzle?

Whatever Globalagogogo loves Bond and he can`t wait for the day he`s queuing at the local multiplex to pay and see what  Albert Finney & Ralph Finnes get upto, and what `M` has to say about it all, in that very British way, the rest of the world think we still talk like.  And sometimes, we still maybe, wish we did?!!

Will he be wearing OMEGA or ROLEX?  ASTON or BMW?? BOLLINGER or SMIRNOFF??? SONY or BLACKBERRY???? Iphone or KINDLE????? Ah, we can only hold our breath and wait for the phantasmagoria that is Mr. Ian Fleming’s Bond.  Queue music: Ding–didlylying–dingdongding-adingdiddlyingdongding-ding-diddlyingdongdingdingdig-ah-deda-deda-dedade…Mmmpha, mmmpha, mmmpha….

So, given Bond lives in London, I wonder what he`d make of the anti-capitalists getting blamed for pooing on the carpet outside St Pauls?  What a mess!  Globalagogogo doesn`t think they would. Why would they?  It is clearly someone else shitting on their parade and spoiling what was a lovely protest. Still, if you are looking for somewhere to sit, you could always sit on that stool (always gets a laugh at the Jnr doctors HQ at your local hospital that one)!

Just picked this one up from Twitter – The Clash and the Law are having a rematch, The Clash reckon they might just win this time.  Lost on points last time apparently! 

And, checking out policy at the hotel California has now been relaxed. 

So, here`s one of mine  – Madonna` s papa finally agrees not to preach so his daughter can get a decent nights sleep – not that she gets much since deciding to keep her baby…

Also, Meatloaf`s girlfriend has reconsidered her options now she`s a bit older and has now agreed, she will do that – three date rule apparently! 

Anyway, time I was off to spend some time looking for a holiday on the shores of the UK, maybe at Centre Parks in one of their newly refurbished chalets.  Profits are up now they charge a lot more since the re-fit.  Occupancy rates of 96% don`t you know.  That will please Blackstone the US based buyout firm who have seen a 17% increase on 2010 returns.  Nice work if you can get it.

Maybe if you cycle you could get there on a Brompton’s bicycle?  Very popular in Asia by all accounts.  They fold up, just like the bank notes in Lorne Vary`s over stretch pockets.  Their profits are up 40% thanks to the popularity of the bike in the Far East.  Years ago Norman Tebbitt said on your bike (this was before the Brighton bomb), the East said ok then, and they did, and now they are taking over the economy of west – and why not?  East was east and west was west, now were all becoming one, other than the bad debt – which is all ours.

Just shows, the poo pants at St Pauls are right – Capitalism isn`t working (that`s where all the dept is).  Still we`ll see what happens in the next ten years when the population of the East rises rise by an additional 3bn mouths and we get this food, air gravity thing going on.

The world is round, what goes around comes around.  And just maybe, the world is not enough…

But until then, lets watch what remains of the fireworks and “remember remember the fifth of November gunpowder treason and plot, I can think of no reason why gunpowder and treason should ever be for-thingy??…!”

TTFN Globalagogogo…


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