Italian jobby…

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They need to work hard those Italian`s or they are going to do the Euro for £1 trillion +… 

They make some great cars but they make some shite cars aswell.  They make some great food, great clothes and play some great football.

Some of the chaps are great at charming the ladies(!) such that they are.  Though those whom get chatted up by them seem to be rarely that!! Unless of course they live in Italy, then it`s ok, so long as the wedding snaps don`t end up in OK, ok?  Hello!…OK?  Lets be clear, neither is ok!

It is because some of their politicians end up in either Hello or OK that I beg the question, ok?  I think of both these two cheesy glossaries today, because it is great news that a little Italian has now left the building.  Silvio Berlusconi is a 75 year old billionaire, an embarrassment to free thinking types who don`t like to see ladies of the day getting goosed by chaps in office.  How long has this been allowed to go on, is it me?!

And, if you ask me, Berlusconi is a great example of why the UK has f….d up with the retirement age rolling on past 65.

Not that all over 65`s are bad, look at Sir Alex Ferguson, or Sir Bruce – of – Forsyth, David Hockney or maybe even Harrison Ford – but then  again look at Rupert Murdoch,  Thatcher or Van Morrison – discuss… 

It was so obvious the emperor was wearing no clothes, it was obvious for such a long time, why did it take so long for him to go? Globalagogogo would suggest there is a lesson to be learned here. If it looks like a joke, and acts like a joke, its Silvio Berlusconi. 

At least Italy can now move foreward and watxh as the rest of europe bails it`s stupid arse out of the shite it got itself into by re-voting for Silvio.  Please learn from this important lesson or Globalagogogo will ever be able to look at The Godfarther in the same light agian! 

Mind you, at last the girls in the Italian Parliament buildings can bend down without first checking in their rear view mirror for the old perv.  Twenty odd years he`s been at it,  arriva diarchy or whatever…and, he can stop dying his hair now!

Talking about old people, it is interesting to see that Lady Gass (not the pre-courser to Lady Gagag I might add), a 71 year old widow, has flogged 230 acres of prime land to EDF energy so it can build its new nuclear power station at Hinkley-point.  Still, the old dear needed the £50m she got for it I`m sure.  So, all you anti-nuke types might aswell spend this winter in the warmth of your own homes. Sitting in a field and pooing into a Tesco bag will prove to be a pointless exercise.  Comforting to know that the heat that keeps you from the elements will probably be provided by EDF – if you live in the area that is.

Good news for the float of ‘Urenco’ though, the Dutch nuclear fuel maker will be pleased.  Enriched Uranium and enriched share holders – bringing home the bacon!

If it is cold over in Wales you might like to buy a Pringle to keep you warm.  They could do with the money – unlike EDF.  Five years running Prihgle have made a loss.  Maybe Tilda Swinton`s recent success with Kevin might help boost sales?  Certainly the Hong Kong based Fang brothers will be hoping she’ll be promoting there wares given the investment they have made during the restructuring over recent years.  Best of luck to the Scottish based company, it has been trading since 18.15 don`t you know.  And looking at the time 20.20hrs I`d best get going myself!

Any who, short and sweet this week, but just time to say well done England and Frank Lampard for kicking the Spanish whilst there down, a worse loss to them than the euro deficite I reckon!!  – And, that ball was spinning back in, if ever I saw a poacher at work it was you Lampard!  Well done none the less, you`re a far better diplomat for the game than that tosser Terry.  As was said earlier in the week on have I got news, he might be a f….g great full back, but he is still an embarrassment and a thick twat.  Fancy an Italian anyone?!…

 TTFN Globalagogogo…




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