Gone with the wind…

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2011 at 21:04

Quite frankly my dear I do give a damn! 

This weather is buggering up Globalagogogo`s work, messing up the garden and for one who hate`s flying, it is not good.

Not that Globalagogogo is a high-flyer you understand, never the less today is website promotion day and joining `The Economist` twitter page has been carried out with some success.  How boring? Answers on a postcard to – old git…

Anyway, why not take a look and visit!/TheEconomist as the more that do, the more that people will reject the common paradigm of `Lenin`s ignorant masses`.  Or, why not visit and watch his updated version of `A Great Leap Forward`, it is a top man doing a fine job of a fine song, once again.

For some seasonal light relief, reflection, what-ho and jolly sporting what-not, why not sign up for this years `The Chap` annual Christmas ball in week or so?  The organisers of this wonderful event suggest “This annual Chap shindig is perfectly timed to proceed the office party season by a whisker, giving the Anarcho-Dandyist Brotherhood one last chance to really not let their hair down, but plaster it down with Brilliantine or whisk it into Victory Rolls and actually enjoy themselves”.  Tickets can be sought on  The evening’s acts commence with Professor Elemental, arch Chap-hop rival to Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer

Go on, Globalagogogo urges you to slip back in time and give it a whirl – what-what!!

And talking about what, what on earth is going on in relation to our universities considering the old 2:1, 2:2 and Third degree certification for the more global system of percentage based scores known as Grade Point Average (GPA).  The UK system is 200 years old don`t you know.  However, it does promote laziness as it is a bit aggregate, which is not good for business or a more globalised system.

Whatever, I`m sue there won`t be too many graduates running towards the holiday firm Thomas Cook, or indeed Co-op travel given the massive hole in their accounts and the dire state of their future trading prospects given their prime costs, bank covenants and general turmoil at director level.  Too Much Too Young if you ask me.  Try to buy their way out of trouble is what they did, and they did it very badly.  Let us see what the Belgian saviour Frank Meysman makes of it all, keep your heads down as its going to be nasty if he`s going to save this much maligned cornerstone of Britishness. Not that it is British, it`s more German or some such.  Certainly it’s the troubles around fuel costs, Egypt and Tunisia that is killing it. The UK is still `as is` when it comes to its holiday requirements, however it is your French, Russian and Belgium travellers reluctance to put themselves in harm`s way that is killing the 170 year old in it dotage.  

If you grow to quick you`ll end up deformed, just like a KFC chicken! Wisdom can be found in the most unusual of places.  So which came first? The Chicken or the idea Chicken??  Either way I don`t think it matters to either the egg or the Chicken as both are doomed in this life and they can`t fly, just like Thomas Cook – who – in this instance – goose is cooked.  Wrong bird, but the irony of the wrong investment is just as bad.   

A Greek tragedy.  George Michael?!! Let`s hope he`s ok and if he is, he`ll maybe say “wake me up before you Gogo(go) I`m not planning on going so low”.  Well maybe not, but bless him he can`t get much more low-low can he. Globalagogogo like`s the guy but thinks his music (if you can call it that) is shite!  Sorry George, you`re a top man, but real music is more Globalagogogo`s style. You know, stuff by Kith & Orville, St Winifred’s school quire, Manhattan Transfer and The Goodies is what you might call sexy late night smooching ambiance – is it not?    

Anyhoo the missus is urging Globalagogogo to get back to the old family business of relaxation and sofa based interaction.  So, like the chap I am, I will be off to tender to the `old ball & chain`, and its with that in mind he says tally-ho, into the breach, for King & country, for England & St George, for tis more nobler in the mind – and all that jazz…what-what!!

TTFN Globalagogogo…  



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