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of death the 600 road…

It been a while, Globalagogogo has been busy with many many things – apologies for that.

Alfred Tennyson the potentially bisexual wordsmith wrote a poem some time back (1854) and last week saw it`s anniversary The British cavalry led by Lord Cardigan were having something of a scrap against the Russians forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25th October 1854; this was during the Crimean War.

The charge was the result of an inadequate communication, in so much as the brigade attempted to take a more difficult target than intended by the main commander Lord Raglan.  Blame for the miscommunication has remained a matter of much contention as the original order was ambiguous to say the least.  The charge produced no decisive gains and resulted in very high casualties, and is best remembered as the subject of our poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Lord Tennyson, whose lines emphasize the valour of the cavalry in carrying out their orders, even “tho’ the soldier knew / Some one had blunder’d”.

That said, it brought no victory and to this day is a subject of much debate and review.  Globalagogogo`s point in all this being about leadership and the notion of leadership.  This interesting subject resonates with his current studies and though there are over 403 million (yes million) hits on Google about this matter, what makes a true leader is still unresolved and remains a discussion point across academia.

We all have our favorite leaders and have a view, generally we are lazy Globalagogogo being a case in point and revert to clichéd references such as Churchill, Kennedy (not Nigel!), Gandhi or maybe Alex Ferguson (but he`s not dead – yet).  More recently Steve Jobs has many bandwaggoneers jumping aboard his gravy train, though if he`s a leader Globalagogogo will show his in Burtons (no sorry) Top Shops window, but not during the school holidays! Other more localised leaders are often over looked, Mums & Dads, teachers, grandparents, bosses, social groups and the like.  Globalagogogo reckons these are the true hero`s and shgould be recognised in the commentery.

Clearly the leadership campaign during the Crimean war was at loggerheads with the platoon commander and this is not uncommon in the majority of any campaign, whether military or business related – or indeed any matter that suggests leadership is called for.  Excamples being organising a night out, managing a local football team, school events, arranging baby sitters or a sponsored event “who put them in charge” you`ll hear some asshole saying “power mad” others will whisper. 

Plato is always worth a read though he`s often over looked for Playdo, Prato or the Dodo, Doh – D`oh!  So let`s see if we can briefly out line some issues about leadership and communication.

Vision, communication and motivation are needed to keep things moving and to remain competitive; indeed they are, along with reflecting and learning.  One must retain a realistic and optimistic, yet intelligent vision.  Reframing and questioning what we take for granted and taking assumptions as merely that, is always a good road to walk.  If it is not there then maybe it best to thing about creating one’s own.

Following the masses a la Light Brigade is not always the solution, though insubordination is not either! Remember that strategic planning is not the same as strategy as it is structured process to deliver change and development.  Straight forward strategy is there to deliver on the higher plan – maybe both these aspects were lacking for our Brigade? 

In skivvy street strategy is a structured socio political process where thing are set up through `social construction`(!) to deliver the platform necessary to impact one`s vision.   Though – it is richly argued – that one`s vision is subliminally controlled by other governing factors such as advertising, housing, demographics, schooling, peer group pressure or generally alcohol!

Neuroscience, cognitive scenarios, psychology of how we see the world are to be factored in when considering one`s own free will – but hey, don`t listen to me!

How do we make our decisions then? Well let`s see shall we.  Senses (assess), Memory (judgement), Cognition (decisions).  If these are influenced by other factors then maybe what we believe to be our own free will is maybe affected.  

It can be argued that information is largely a figment of our imagination!  Does it actually exist or is it a vision we get in our mind based on our schooling, history and learning from our actions.   To Globalagogogo`s mind perception often plays a major part in decision making and therefore must be balanced.   Bias, false memory, emotion, simple pattern recognition and distorting influences can cause us to misjudge a situation so always best to avoid bias by promoting and stimulating open and frank debate.  Remember much in life is context dependent.

If you are currently a leader whether promoted, coerced or unlucky enough to become one in the future then Globalagogogo would advise that you need to think and understand your memory: Remember, your brain is reconstructive and does not always recreate a true or accurate account.   Statistically 60% of people, who say they remember something as fact, are generally incorrect!

Lets us remembers the chaps of the light brigade and take something positive out of something that was not, and, to this day, still remains an event of some conjecture.  Just like Dresden & Bomber Harris, Field Marshall Hague, Hillsborough, Piper Alpha, The Falklands, Gallipoli, The miner`s strike, Hurricane Katrina, Concord, The herald of free enterprise, Gallipoli, Enron, Lehman brothers, Northern Rock, Northern Ireland, Poll tax…

Nuff said!

That`s me, I`m off to see what José Mourinho been up to.  ; -D

TTFN Globalagogogo…


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