So this is Christmas…

In Uncategorized on December 25, 2011 at 16:28

and what have we done, lets hope its a good one…

Hola! Merry Christmas everyone. Been a while but Globalagogogo has been mad busy with work and studies. Have to re-take the last assignment as Globalagogogo drifted from the criteria – how sad is that!! Rough neck, no check. Still best to get it wrong now than next year, good learning point and maybe less complacency moving forward! P….d Globalagogogo off though, felt sick and gutted. Such is life, will get it sorted, take the minimum pass, lean and move on.

Just thinking about those less fortunate, workers, homeless or our troops abroad. Puts everyting into context if you ask me.

Thought George Michael was on him way out, could havw got the kettle on fready for Philip eh?!!

Anywho, all the best and Globalagogogo will catch you later.

Peace & love…

TTFN Globalagogogo…


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