Dawning of a new era…

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It’s Sunday morning on the eve of Christmas eve and I’m sitting in a kidz(!) soft play area with the brats playing in the background as I contemplate the hear & now, short term and longer term future for Globalagogogo.

First things first, no more speaking in the third person I reckon we can put that to bed! So, for ‘we’, read I.

My MBA studies are now pretty much complete and my dissertation (based around the notion of ‘Mindfulness’) has been submitted – at time of writing I am awaiting feedback which, as you might well imaging, I am hoping to be in the positive not the negative.

This now leaves more room for family things and opens up new opportunities to develop my working life and that of others with whom I share the day to day daily grind.

Looking towards 2013 I need to seek balance in my life to make sure my family, friends and work are given the focus and attention they deserve and merit. Priority is clearly family, and that will be the back drop to everything I do moving forward.

For the Globalagogogo blog I will be looking to develop its current format and utilise it as a tool to communicate my thoughts, actions and intentions in respect to the following areas of personal and work related interest:

Local and global economy and the impact on the UK and business in general
Business strategy short, medium and long term (based around my employing organisation)
Values and beliefs
Innovation, technology, entrepreneurism, creativity, design and history
The ups and downs of daily life in an industrial support services organisation (the recent MBA me, might has said paradigm! But we’ll try and avoid that shall we…D’oh! I mean I don’t I)
Links back into family life

The list on which my future blogs will be based is not exhaustive and hopefully wont come across as dull as it looks – and it does look dull 😦

It must be said that not all narrative (discourse, notions and assumption. Ahaha, MBA flashback!) will be that serious, and as much as possible my work will be reflective and carry a certain level of humour and – to my mind at least – wit!

There is enough grief and angst in the daily news to get anyone down and I don’t wish my blog site to add to anyone woes!! I will be interesting, relevant, engaging and easy to read. Blogs shall not be too long.

I will admit that my grammar or syntax will – at times – be a little confused and lateral. It certainly wont be linear and will no doubt cause a great deal of frustration and derision from the punctuation/spelling police. I should know, I am married to one (known to me as Madge)…lucky guy I am 😉

Events that will be used to generate the blog will be day to day life issues, socio economic impact, work, twitter and news. All blogs will be written on a range of current communication tools such as Dell laptop, iPad2 and, where data limits allow, occasionally my iPhone4s!

*Am just learning the ropes on the iPad. Had an iPad3 originally but it had no sim so had to swap with Madge! And I am currently crappola on it.

Anywho, this note is intended as no more than a pre-courser to a greater body of work as we ‘move forward together’ (Churchill).

More information and blog development will be generated over the next few weeks and I look forward to moving into the future with you, as shiny, weird and grim as it might be…

TTFN Globalagogogo…

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