Almost there…

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Well according the Christian calendar the year 2012 is drawing to a close.  Depends where you sit, stand or view the whole process of time as to whether or not you salute the end or beginning at the same time as the most of us, however you a free to decide as you see fit.

Notwithstanding there are many discrepancies in most things and we tend to simplify things to make them easier to understand.  And therefore, for the most part, I feel pretty sure I can say we are drawing to the close of this year and the fat lady is beginning to rehearse for her valedictory piece just before 12.00hrs on 31st.

One discrepancy is the peace on earth and good will to all men/women slogans that get bounded about before we hear, see or get told about various un-peaceful events during the `holiday season`! 

These shallow words that make us feel good about ourselves are never more in focus than when one checks one`s feeling and reflects on the number of reported – unpleasent – incidents over the last few days.

Thank god (?) or whoever (Buddha, Mohammed, Vishnu, Jedi etc) we often find ourselves thinking, before quickly checking ourselves and being mindful to remembering the broader picture, and the affect unfortunate or avoidable events will have on the families and friend of those who have been unfortunate to suffer over the Christmas period.

As we move into 2013 lets be mindful of each other and perhaps learn to be tolerant and avoid the shallow brainless shittiness of crass violence, aggression and miss-judged  understanding of the term `to be a man`!

Enough of the dark lecture, let`s just go out get merry and have a good time with everyone else…

TTFN Globalagogogo

(In memory of Mr. Greaves 28.12.12)


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