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So, we are now well and truly in the 2013 operational saddle. We are progressing happily along through what has turned out to be a very cold and snowy January delivering our support services to our diverse rang of blue chip clients.

January is the longest and most miserable month of the year as far as I’m concerned, and its not easy keeping focused as we move away from the end of the old year and into the new. Especially when faced with dark mornings and even darker evenings, and even worse, blocked roads and significant snow showers! The M62 is my new nemesis!!

This month has seen me visiting a number of key sites across the enlarged central region and beginning to establish or re-establish relationships under my new role as head of operations – not a great title when abbreviated…HOO (pronounce who :-/ ).

Where theres a HOO, there must be a what, where, when, and why. So we’ll run with that for a while – until we get bored.

With the onset of a new financial year the pressure in the region to focus on achieving new operational & commercial targets grows ever more intense, and this added pressure can get to you if you allow yourself to become too emotionally attached. We must be aware of this and make time to go about our business evidencing a calm and considered approach.

In particular the commercial team who oversee the collation, governance, accuracy and recording of our financial performance have been under significant strain as we begin to create improved information flow, whilst at the same time building their new team. Given the personalities involved I have every confidence they will pull together over the coming weeks and establish revised processes and protocols to underpin our operations and assure clarity and accuracy within our reported numbers. Bless em!

Following a number of site audits and strategy meetings attention to ‘quality, image, consistency and sustainability’ will be the watchwords that underpin everything we do moving forward.

We must look to deliver a local service with a global outlook. In simple terms, to me his means we do not allow ourselves to be constrained by micro issues, we must look to create a space for ourselves to think broadly, and be mindful and considered in all our actions. Always allowing ourselves to be become part of the solution and not an anchor to the problem.

Easy for me to say I know, however if we take time for refection then I’m sure we all recognise elements within our behaviour which may have prevented some element of progress in the past?

Regionally a revised organisational structure is being developed to ensure we rigorously adapt and deliver beyond our clients expectations. As part of the change process we will be looking at the role played by the safety management team and to this end we are looking to re-focus the audit process and key deliverables – more on this as we progress over the coming weeks…

The day to day activities carried on site are also being reviewed to make sure our support services remain current and competent, aligned to our clients ever changing business needs and evolving operation expectations.

As for our current team, I feel blessed to have in place a great many focused and proactive site managers, supervisors and work face operatives who deliver our services. Our site teams continue to provide 24hr cover 52 weeks a year and their ongoing support and dedication to the tasks laid before them is credit to them all. It is a humbling experience to be given the opportunity to head up this great team.

It is said that good is the enemy of great, therefore we can not allow ourselves to become complacent in anything we do, at any time. And this is never easy to deliver! When clients tell you they are happy we can fall into the trap of believing all is well. In my book complacency is the enemy of greatness – discuss…

It is my intention to arrange a seminar to roll out the central region strategy within the next month or so. Finding time to plan and arrange this is proving difficult at the moment however it is important that we get this sorted so we all understand the overarching business plan and create a medium through which so we can effectively filter information down through the various divisions and deliver the UK strategy, and ultimately create improved stakeholder value through effective implementation of our support service activities.

As stated earlier Quality, Image, Consistency and Sustainability are the four key elements which underpin the region. It is important we all understand our individual roles in delivering this and are allowed to build a team ethic which ensures that our combined efforts deliver more than the of their constituent parts.

Plenty to do then, and I am looking forward to the task ahead.

As my mate Gandhi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

I’ll leave you with that thought…

TTFN Globalagogogo…

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