Saturday night live…

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And well!

Good to feel well on a Saturday night even though the TV is something to despair about. I assume it is so bad because the schedulers also assume. They must assume that everyone sitting in front of their TVs must be easily amused or simply not in any state to think beyond the next 5 minutes.

Not meaning to sound like an old fart or a party pooper, but it is crappolla.

This gets me thinkIng about assumption and how it can cater for the vast majority, however the free thinkers out there get overlooked, and to this end, a great opportunity to engage with some creative individuals is missed.

Targeting the free thinkers is not uncommon, indeed there are many areas which cater for this niche market such as – so called – alternative media, independent organisations and an endless list of random websites.

Appealing to a mass audience is a time honoured corporate trait, however it does not push the boundaries and is often far too safe – and therefore far to dull. Dull is good, but it ain’t great!

Dull is safe, secure, trusted, normal and acceptable. It pushes no boundaries, it seems only to push my patience. Since when was mediocrity a great thing asked Bill Hicks sometime ago, and I agree, when did it? Probably never. But it does eventually move things on though this takes a nagging painstakingly long period, by which time the majority has lost interest or moved on. Opportunity not.

Thus, things are allowed to morph into being and this is what we get left with, bloody Ant & Deck!

I think we should all think a wee bit outside the (goggle) box and insist on a bit more variety from our corporate sponsors who – lets be honest – run the majority of our lives through their social engineering.

Sitting here ‘watching the wheels go round and round’ has made me more determined than ever to make a difference and try new innovations and be more mindful about how I seek out creative ways of approaching each and every new opportunity that comes my way.

Change can be implemented in a mindful way (with due diligence given to governance and quality) and can bring a refreshed vision and improved levels of service provision to all interested stakeholders provided it is mediated in a user friendly way.

Change must be implemented strategically and it must be inclusive, it must be friendly develop rapport and be sustainable to engage others. It must be interesting and stir the imagination so it succeeds in creating a platform from which collaborative and committed change processes may flourish.

Time and effort generally renders most new ideas to the orphanage, its all too much effort and undermines the status quo – and people don’t like that, do they?

And that’s probably why I end up having to put up with bloody Harry Hill or those sad f..ks who end up on ‘Take me out’. The bloody brats love it though, aaaargh…

Yes I could go out, read a book or do something creative…and I will, once I’ve stopped writing this pointless generic blog – oh shit! 🙂

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