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Quick blog to wish everyone a great bank holiday weekend and spare a few moments to think about – and thank – some of our fellow travellers who are doing a range of good deeds today.  Generally speaking these individuals are running, jumping, organising and competing in all manner of great feat`s to help raise money or awareness for others less fortunate.

As it happens, I`m not!

Notwithstanding, I have engaged in such things in the past and will do so in the future, but today it’s not my turn, it’s the turn of others.  It`s a shared chore which now and agin we all jump on as part of our committment to do the best we can – when the time and purpose align.

I could use this forum to argue the political angle that the various governments we vote in have squandered our tax dollar and that money better spend in research, education, and technological investment would be a much better investement than is currently spent on wasted folly such as grandiose weapons, grandiose funerals and failed attempts to digitalis the BBC.  But, as it happens I`m not!

Doing good deeds for others is one of life`s rich rewards as it brings with it a feeling of involvement, committment and personal self-worth – and that can`t be all bad.  So, I doff my flat cap to those who are up and out this lovely sunny Sunday lending their time to others and creating a feeling of community across the UK and broader shores.

Well done you…

I shall raise a glass (as I`m sure will they a little later!!) to their valiant efforts – and lets hope all finishes nicely which starts so well (to  mis-quote Arthur Daley!!)

In other news: I am in the early stages of developing a platform to begin and see if I have it within me to actually write a book!  Yes, write a book!!  Not on my own you understand, but in partnership with a good friend and colleague of mine who has come up with the original idea.  The book will be based around `Mindfulness` and would be technical rather than fictional, but I would hope it would also be creative, interesting and raise a number of questions to the reader – should it make print!  It must not be dull, boring or tedious and will set out to explore the impact of behaviours, and values & beliefs within the working environment…but with a twist.  More on this later…

Anywho, I must crack-on and get to the business of family 🙂








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