Musings on a jet plane…

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2013 at 19:28

 Another week another time and yet here I am again on a jet
plane off to Nimes then a 1.5hr drive upto Provence – on bloody Ryan

However, in fairness it’s only good old Ryan that flies from the north into southern France on a week day
so all credit for that Michael.

Earlier on the journey as I sat with elbows tucked in, sat in the middle seat taping way (on my new Microsoft Surface RT tablet) I must say that the experience suggested this device is much better for writing than the old iPad.

 So far, it appears a good purchase, subsidised by the sale of my iPad to the father in law (sold for a knockdown price I might add!)

Not a bad opportunity to do some writing, if a little uncomfortable. But you can`t post blogs from planes so this is a time delayed one.

The other week I was over in France working, this time its pleasure.The pleasure being a two year delayed honeymoon with the lovely Marianne, the lovely lass who has helped shape the man I am today.The better man, the family man, the calmer man, and the man with whom I hope she spends the rest of her natural!

JBut then that’s down to me isn`t it?!In this team game called marriage how I act and behave should – in theory at least – reflect a future success and stability and ongoing kinship.A heavy responsibility, and one which I embrace with much gusto

I am after all – a man! Even if most of the time I don`t show it!Or as Madge might occasionally point out `a
selfish, useless twat` or words to that affect.

 Have been warned about paying close attention to all matters
relaxation and Madge related. Limited time is to be afforded to any work activity and #twitter must be infrequent and not to be in evidence! Or I shall lose my nuts.

Fair enough!

We both love the south of France and that has now become a part of our life and something we share in common, along with many other things. A few days musing over things and spending time together is something to look forward to and something we don`t spend enough time doing.

The brats are at their nan and granddads testing their patience for a wee while – bless em.

    But it is work that pays for the trips and such.Finding the right balance is therefore key and during this mini-break I shall spend some time reflecting about that and give thought to work life home life and family life. And maybe a little time at the gym (if there is one!)

All work and no play…

That is not good for the long term requirement to have `fun` in one`s life! Don`t want to be a dull boy. Queuing to get on Ryan air can tell you that.

Anyway, I shall now return to my holiday book `Meltdown` – by Ben Elton. The ups and down of friendship, families, work and finances.

A walk around Gordes for some fine white wine and great food is what is needed now – Au Revoir and TTFN…




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