It`s been a while – again…

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It`s been far too long since I last wrote a blog and Idesperately need to get back into the grove, but not in a Madonna way. For whatever reason, I just want to write down my thoughts and musings more regularly as an opportunity for a little structured reflection and to maybe help me better understand where I am.

Putting the metaphorical pen to paper and creating a list of words in some semi-structured form may present a form of order, that is in some ways as interesting as it is abstract, as it is well observed.

Finding the quality time and motivation to actually & sit down and address my weekly events through a personal blog has seen my written work put on the back burner, maybe a new year is the right time to start over? Who knows…only time will tell!

At time of writing I am on a plane flying back to the UK from Hong Kong via Helsinki and I am fortunate enough to be in business class seat which has loads of room, power, a fold down seat, great food and lovely green tea (Jasmin Dragon Pearls Today I feel luck – punk!

I flew out last month on Emirates and that was class (A380), today I am on Finnair (340) which appears to be an old Air France jumbo, none the less, its good enough for me. And that’s not selling myself short, that’s me appreciating what I have.

As a very aggregate overview, the purpose of the visit to Hong Kong is to begin the process of change development within an acquired local business, and to also understand how established UK processes and procedures might help deliver some element of competitive advantage to the business as it begins to move forward under a newly agreed NEC contract.

This new contracting style  is far more competitive than the local team are accustomed to, and the need for focused attention on every detail within its format will be key to the organisations on-going success and future growth plans. Additionally, there is a fundamental requirement that the business works alongside newly established collaborative partners to deliver our end client a flexible contracting philosophy which is tailored
to their evolving business, social and economic needs.

Our established site and regional team need to better understandthe impact of their personal input into the change program and take ownership of pecific elements within the contract if we are to deliver a sustainable business model. Selling the benefits of this new way of working and motivating an eclectic mix of random individuals who
employed across our new contract partners is the most crucial element if we are to succeed. As with most change processes we have early adaptors, those ready to move on, those ready to support and an element who will never change no matter what.

At this time hope springs eternal and the glass for me is half full, however to get where were going requires me to settle in for a long journey – in every sense!

Timing is everything.  I am fortunate that I was over on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year `Chunjie`. This new year is the year of the wooden horse – wood being one of the five elements within the Chinese calendar, the others being fire, water, metal and earth along with 12 animals such as monkey, tiger, snake. And, although the lunar calendar moves between January and February the basics remain constant year on year, `clear your debts, sweep out the bad luck and prepare for change and welcome good luck into your life`.

With the new year in mind I might be able to leverage this to our advantage and utilise the new start as an angle from which to pitch my proposal. I did after all attend site wearing my new red socks (red been traditionally
viewed as good fortune in this part of the world

I have a lot to learn from a cultural perspective and the strongly held values and beliefs of our Hong Kong organisation shall be embraced, history shall be respected and legacy issues properly reviewed.

How a man riding in from the west could be viewed should not be taken lightly I think.

Writing this short piece and sharing a few random thoughts has allowed me time to reflect, and as Hong Kong welcomes an new year I must likewise welcome new ideas from my new friends in the east. Change is coming and it wears red socks, and knows that in this case softly, softly catchy monkey.

More later…


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