iPhone 6 plus

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2015 at 18:20


It is a time for a confession. I have succumbed to the tantalising lure of Mr Jobbs and acquired a new phone which should be much better for work and play due to its massiveness! It should – in theory at least – be more user friendly to my withering eye sight. 

The phone replaced my Blackberry classic which was a good phone for the qwerty key board and had a great retro feel however it as not as efficient, fast or compatible to today’s technology as I’d hoped. I tried it, but felt I was compromising too much in respect of time, effort, and compatibility with my tablet. From a portability perspective I wanted something adaptable and user friendly. And, in fairness, the ‘I’ stuff just works.

Am penning this from the plus as a test run and hopefully this should now allow me to get back unto speed with my blogging and provide a platform from which I can quickly summaries events, musings and general tittle tattle.
So, let’s crack-on! 😉

Oh, and happy fathers day!




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