Back to black

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2015 at 21:55

Back on BlackBerry Classic for a wee while – retro!

Funny that, retro and it’s only about four years since BlackBerry began its rapid decline to 0.7% of the smartphone market. Pretty sure there is much to be learned from that monolithic fall from grace.

Still, I understand that a shared platform with Android is developing rapidly and that will be good to see. Strategic alliances make great business sense in my book – and no doubt BlackBerry board room and commercial department.

As the wise man said “we shall see”…

Till than I’m sticking with them,  just to be like St Thomas (the patron saint of lost causes!).

The BlackBerry is indeed a classic and we’ll worth a punt – just to be a bit different, and maybe a bit annoying 😉


Globalagogogo (bashed out on mi BB)


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