iPhone 6 plus

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It is a time for a confession. I have succumbed to the tantalising lure of Mr Jobbs and acquired a new phone which should be much better for work and play due to its massiveness! It should – in theory at least – be more user friendly to my withering eye sight. 

The phone replaced my Blackberry classic which was a good phone for the qwerty key board and had a great retro feel however it as not as efficient, fast or compatible to today’s technology as I’d hoped. I tried it, but felt I was compromising too much in respect of time, effort, and compatibility with my tablet. From a portability perspective I wanted something adaptable and user friendly. And, in fairness, the ‘I’ stuff just works.

Am penning this from the plus as a test run and hopefully this should now allow me to get back unto speed with my blogging and provide a platform from which I can quickly summaries events, musings and general tittle tattle.
So, let’s crack-on! ;)

Oh, and happy fathers day!



Time to start over

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New year, new start, new technology and new areas of focus – its going to be fun!

More to follow…




Another false dawn?

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My job changed recently and am going to make blogging part of my new routine all being well. Regular updates based around work issues, learnings, reflection leadership and change. And, legs have some fun at the same time!

We shall see…

TTFN Globalagogogo


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