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Sat sitting in the back garden listening to the neighbours bbq and bad music thinking – annoying / interesting.

Much noise and thick banter which evidences zilch irony or pathos.

Shame that!

Obviously they are out supporting England’s latest 6-1 victory but nevertheless a bit of wit and humility would be grand.

Sadly that is not to be, so, for now I shall soak it up, be a good neighbour and endure…



What next…

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Sat looking across a green landscape and reflecting a wee while.

Am about to dip my toe, in fact no! I am about to dive head first into a new business venture and wondering what next. What is best case, worst case or most likely.

Truth is I don’t have a clue, and this may be part of the fun…in a weird way.

I suppose at times leadership is about not knowing, but going with your gut feeling and a desire to break fresh ground. I want others to get involved along the way, but I suppose I have to be the the first to go, and become the path finder.

Time to crack on and embrace the future freelance style. Starts 1st February.

Never give in….

Globalagogogo 🙌🙅🏻‍♂️


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Here we go…

2018 and a new start and something new to bring to the world of blog!! I am looking forward to this year- leaving the security of monthly paid corporate Salary and becoming a freelance consultant to the industrial support services community (clients and services).

Could be interesting – will be a definite evolution and value improvement for all stakeholders.



Mark 😉