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Sat sitting in the back garden listening to the neighbours bbq and bad music thinking – annoying / interesting.

Much noise and thick banter which evidences zilch irony or pathos.

Shame that!

Obviously they are out supporting England’s latest 6-1 victory but nevertheless a bit of wit and humility would be grand.

Sadly that is not to be, so, for now I shall soak it up, be a good neighbour and endure…



What next…

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Sat looking across a green landscape and reflecting a wee while.

Am about to dip my toe, in fact no! I am about to dive head first into a new business venture and wondering what next. What is best case, worst case or most likely.

Truth is I don’t have a clue, and this may be part of the fun…in a weird way.

I suppose at times leadership is about not knowing, but going with your gut feeling and a desire to break fresh ground. I want others to get involved along the way, but I suppose I have to be the the first to go, and become the path finder.

Time to crack on and embrace the future freelance style. Starts 1st February.

Never give in….

Globalagogogo 🙌🙅🏻‍♂️


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Here we go…

2018 and a new start and something new to bring to the world of blog!! I am looking forward to this year- leaving the security of monthly paid corporate Salary and becoming a freelance consultant to the industrial support services community (clients and services).

Could be interesting – will be a definite evolution and value improvement for all stakeholders.



Mark 😉

Back to black…

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As ever it’s been a while. Have once again decided to dump apple and gone back to a Blackberry. Am currently on BB10 but moving over to a ‘Priv’ on Xmas day as that’s the new way of things – anti brand #SodSamsungAndApple 

Will update once I know what’s what! what!! 😉 

Back to black

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Back on BlackBerry Classic for a wee while – retro!

Funny that, retro and it’s only about four years since BlackBerry began its rapid decline to 0.7% of the smartphone market. Pretty sure there is much to be learned from that monolithic fall from grace.

Still, I understand that a shared platform with Android is developing rapidly and that will be good to see. Strategic alliances make great business sense in my book – and no doubt BlackBerry board room and commercial department.

As the wise man said “we shall see”…

Till than I’m sticking with them,  just to be like St Thomas (the patron saint of lost causes!).

The BlackBerry is indeed a classic and we’ll worth a punt – just to be a bit different, and maybe a bit annoying 😉


Globalagogogo (bashed out on mi BB) Read the rest of this entry »

All change

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As ever, its been a while!

Been a few changes over the last few months and I have clearly neglected be blog post and really need to get back on the bus.

Will be in touch 😉



iPhone 6 plus

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It is a time for a confession. I have succumbed to the tantalising lure of Mr Jobbs and acquired a new phone which should be much better for work and play due to its massiveness! It should – in theory at least – be more user friendly to my withering eye sight. 

The phone replaced my Blackberry classic which was a good phone for the qwerty key board and had a great retro feel however it as not as efficient, fast or compatible to today’s technology as I’d hoped. I tried it, but felt I was compromising too much in respect of time, effort, and compatibility with my tablet. From a portability perspective I wanted something adaptable and user friendly. And, in fairness, the ‘I’ stuff just works.

Am penning this from the plus as a test run and hopefully this should now allow me to get back unto speed with my blogging and provide a platform from which I can quickly summaries events, musings and general tittle tattle.
So, let’s crack-on! 😉

Oh, and happy fathers day!



Time to start over

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2015 at 23:37

New year, new start, new technology and new areas of focus – its going to be fun!

More to follow…




Another false dawn?

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2014 at 21:23

My job changed recently and am going to make blogging part of my new routine all being well. Regular updates based around work issues, learnings, reflection leadership and change. And, legs have some fun at the same time!

We shall see…

TTFN Globalagogogo

A very French connection….

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Funny how things pan out.  Was sat sitting in a very secluded and lovely private villa in the Bordeaux region of France scratching my head as to why, even after just coming off the phone to EE, I still had no wifi connection on my roaming (pay as you go) SIM.  Sad thing is, I was rather stressed about this event even though, all things being relative, it doesn”t actually matter a jot.

A few years ago such a thing never even existed and if it did it would have been considered the devils work!

Worse still, an Elton John track had been playing in the back ground (not mine I might add, it was in the villa on a compilation CD – honest!) thankfully that finished, and peace & good taste was restored within the confines of the McHale family unit.

Notwithstanding, I had no wifi and was suitably pissed off. And that makes me a  sad twat!

Me and the family unit together, finally, as one, in an idyllic corner of my favourite country – and that is grand.  And that makes me a very lucky bloke!

So, to get to where I meant to start.

Its holiday time for the family unit and that is an interesting phenomena as we come together in an annual pilgrimage of realignment shocked into a new awakening by our differing objectives, similarities and rarely complementary running speeds.

My usual failing is to allow the lovely Marianne to do all the packing, and once again I let her down and left her to it, as did the boys – like father like son!  And, the result was a stressed Madge, annoyed by my inability to man up and help with the basic of packing, planning and general husbandry support. I really need to learn my lessons

*note to self, learn your lessons!*

Anyway our trip down to the airport for the overnight stay before the early morning flight was a little tedious however it was worth doing given the horrendous queues which were set to greet us on the flight out (another note to self – *avoid Birmingham airport on a bank holiday weekend!*).

Staying at the Novotel by the short stay car park is not the height of quality or excess that the AA four start might suggest, the evening meal was rubbish but the bed was comfy enough. Four to a two person room is – I imagine – like being aboard a submarine, however we endured the relative cosiness, but shan”t be doing it again.  Not complaining but, shall we say, some lessons were learned!

The holiday itself was awash with rain and when it wasn’t raining it was cold and overcast for the most part.  Nevertheless spending time with the family unit and ‘just being’ was a welcome break from the day to day humdrum – much beloved by Morrisy in his hazy hour.

The great expectations one has of the family week away in a foreign land is – to my mind – always more of a memory than the actual event itself, however this quiet week away in Bordeaux was relaxing, not too taxing, and was certainly waste band expanding!  Hanging around indoors meant far too much food and wine has been consumed, during the periods when not out throwing a frisby at the kids or kicking a ball at them.

A week away from the constant nag of work and timetables is a good grounding and makes for a great time for reflection and drawing a line. Making plans for moving forward was helped by our quite country idle.  And for that I am thankful.

Back on the plane heading home, and  I find myself in the same seat as I flew out on, and, once again I popped my iPad into the document pounch where some nerd has left chewing gum! My new Logitic case has now got chewing gum on it – again!  I moaned about this very issue on the way out and gave the stewards the inflight documents, and clearly nothing was done – ironic!

Trying to be philosophical about the ignorant selfish twat who put it there. Karma?

My views on Monarch customer care and quality are somewhat blurred by this event and I can`t get the bloody chewing gum off (and can`t put the case in the freezer as it has a key pad).

Another lesson learned about customer care and feedback which I can utilise to my advantage when I get back into work!! So, take only the posives out of any given situation and all will be well.

So in summary no sun, but plenty of family fun and a few good life and work lessons learned.  I am looking forward to the next trip – and getting back into the gym to shift the excess.

Ah France


TTFN Globalagogogo…